How to buy wholesale kitchen accessories

Catering industry wholesale kitchen accessories.Functional area division: main food store, non-staple food, dry goods store, marinated room, noodle spot, snack room, cold dish room, vegetable processing room, meat, fish processing room, garbage room, cut room, loading area, wholesale cooking supplies, cooking area, catering area, selling, passing area, dining area.

1, hot kitchen area: gas stoves, rice cookers, soup furnace, claypot stoves, steam cabinets, Induction Cooker, microwave ovens, ovens;

2, storage equipment: It is divided into the food storage section, flat shelves, rice noodle cabinets, load Taiwan, etc., utensils supplies storage section of the condiment cabinets, sales counters, all kinds of cabinets, cabinets, corner cabinets, multi-purpose decorative cabinets, etc.;

3, washing and disinfecting equipment: cold and hot water supply systems, drainage equipment, wash basins, dishwashers, high-temperature disinfection cabinets, garbage disposal equipment generated after washing in the kitchen, food waste grinders and other equipment;

4, conditioning equipment: mainly conditioning table, finishing, cutting vegetables, ingredients, modulation tools and wholesale decorative glassware ;

5. Food Machinery: Mainly mixers, mixers, slicers, egg beaters, etc.;

6, refrigeration equipment: cold drinks machine, ice maker, freezer, cold storage, refrigerators, etc.;

7. Transport equipment: lifts, food ladders, dining ladders, etc.;

Kitchen equipment can also be divided into two types, household and commercial, depending on the purpose. Home kitchen equipment refers to equipment wholesale dishware used in home kitchens, and commercial kitchen equipment refers to kitchen equipment used in restaurants, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other catering industries. Due to the high frequency of use of commercial kitchen equipment, the corresponding volume is larger, the power is larger, and heavier, of course, the price is also higher.

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