wholesale cookware in the market

Wholesale cookware requires two separate parts to talk about, open flame cookers and electric cookers, which are basically two separate industries The open flame cooker industry was born out of the department store hardware industry. Agents grew up from the traditional hardware grocers in the early years. The channel model is based on simple siting for many years and is divided into agents - secondary wholesalers. - The three-tier model of retailers. After 2002, large-scale retail supermarkets began to strengthen nationwide expansion, and relatively mature brands in the wholesale kitchen islands Wholesale kitchenware suppliers, wholesale containers manufacturers,

Introduced into these channels, the concentration wholesale kitchenware manufacturers increased rapidly. Some brand factories have begun to reduce their channel structure and run direct sales of large-scale retail systems. The current channel is basically a secondary agent-retailer model. Terminal form is mainly distributed in department stores, supermarkets, electrical specialty stores, brand stores. The brand pattern is divided into three major categories. The first category is imported brands, which represent brands such as Shuangliren and Fissler. Channels are mainly department stores, and counters are relatively high-priced. The second category is domestically-made mid-range brands, with new research and development capabilities, national branches, representative brands such as Supor, Aishida, etc. Basically, these two brands account for more than 35% of the primary and secondary urban retail markets. The third category is domestic low-end brands, each with a relatively good local area or channel of operation, but none of them has reached a competitive position in the national market. Currently, they mainly walk in large, medium and small supermarket chains and wholesale markets. Between the two, there are too many brands to list. The electric cooker industry is born in the electrical appliance industry. Agents are mostly differentiated by big appliance dealers in the early years. 80s rice cookers, microwave ovens in the 1990s, electromagnetic ovens after 2002, and electric pressure cookers after 2005. These products are located in China. The popularity of this gradually formed a market segment called "electric cookers." Its operating channels are different from open fire cookers and traditional electrical appliances, so the brand structure is also relatively independent.

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