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Green leafy vegetables are recognized as healthy foods, but many people feel that their taste is not good, like eating grass, how to cook green leafy vegetables wholesale cooking utensils to cook delicious it? I recommend to you 10 kinds of eating and wholesale cooking utensils suppliers

1. Fried. This method is mainly to eat the taste of green leafy vegetables, suitable for rapeseed, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, oil and wheat vegetables, spinach, lettuce leaves. Wash the leafy vegetables and cut them first (try as long as possible), then heat the oil in a hot pot, and put them in the green leafy dish and stir-fry seasoning.

2. Garlic fried. Garlic is fried on the basis of deep-fried, increase garlic burst pot, eat a mixture of garlic and green leafy vegetables, especially for garland chrysanthemum, kale, mustard, fungus, seaweed, pea sprouts and other special odors Green leafy vegetables. Heat the oil in the hot pan and put it in the garlic (sliced meor mince) until the oil is hot. Of course, you can also add seasonings such as ginger, pepper, cardamom, chilli and chili sauce according to your preferences.

3. Use soup wholesale cooking pots. This is one of the simplest ways to eat. It is suitable for Chinese cabbage, edible fungus, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce leaves, spinach and so on. Boil, add oil and salt, ginger, onion, chicken, soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings seasoning, add green leafy vegetables (spinach, leeks, spinach, etc. must first water), can be cooked quickly.

4. First mix and then mix. This method is suitable for cooking a variety of green leafy vegetables, the most typical is the oyster sauce lettuce, braised kale and so on. The water boiled, put it in a green leafy dish and remove it, drain it. Then, according to your own preference, mix various types of sauces such as oil, soy sauce, sesame paste, peanut butter, chili sauce, miso, sweet noodles, beef sauce, mushroom sauce, sand tea sauce, and seafood sauce.

5. Steaming. Steaming can reduce nutrient loss and is suitable for cooking a variety of green leafy vegetables such as rapeseed, garland chrysanthemum and so on. Wash the green leafy vegetables in a steamer that has been boiled, remove them after steaming them, drain them, and mix them with various sauces that you like. In order to further reduce nutrient loss, you can add corn flour, oatmeal, etc. while steaming, or chopped green leafy vegetables with a small amount of flour and seasonings, mash them into vegetable balls and steam them on the tray to help reduce water loss.

6. Make salads wholesale salad plates. This method of eating applies to some light green leafy vegetables, such as lettuce, oiled wheat, lettuce leaves, bitter chrysanthemum. It should be noted that salad dressings or thousand island sauces have a higher calorie content because their main ingredient is oil. A small amount of food is beneficial and can promote the absorption of nutrients such as carotene, vitamin K, etc. However, large amounts of food can cause excessive fat intake. The Chinese cuisine that corresponds to vegetable salad is raw vegetables, but it should also be noted that oil and salt should not be less, and vinegar, ginger, chili and other seasonings without oil and salt can be added in appropriate amounts.

7. wholesale frying pans. Green leafy pork is a meat and vegetarian dish, suitable for all kinds of green leafy vegetables. Heat the oil in the hot pot, put the pork, scallion, garlic, garlic and other fragrant until the oil is hot, then add the green leafy vegetables and stir fry, seasoning. Another approach is to use pork or meat slices that have been boiled with water (or simmered in oil) and then fry it together with green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables with meat and vegetarian dishes, not only better nutrition, but also meaty, suitable for people who do not like to eat green leafy vegetables.

8. Scrambled eggs. Green leafy vegetables with scrambled eggs are also easy to eat with meat and vegetarian dishes. They are suitable for cooking leek, Chinese cabbage, rapeseed, spinach, edible fungus, Chinese cabbage, garland chrysanthemum, shallot, and seaweed. The leek scrambled eggs are the most classic. Fry the eggs well, then stir fry the green leafy vegetables, then pour back the fried eggs and stir fry seasoning.

9. Dipping sauce. Green leafy dipping sauce only needs to be cleaned without cooking. Bitter chrysanthemum, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, oiled wheat dish, celery leaves, shallots, radish sprouts, radish sprouts, chicken feather vegetables (rape seedlings), lettuce leaves, coriander, bitter herbs are all suitable for such eating. Soy sauce, sweet bean paste, seafood sauce, shrimp paste, beef sauce, etc. can be used for sauce.

10. Make stuffing. Green leafy vegetables make dumplings, dumplings, buns, pies, etc. The operation is a bit complicated, but it is the most delicious. Spinach, rape, cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, leeks, oiled wheat, celery leaves, lettuce leaves, watercress, leeks, etc. are suitable for filling.

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