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Wholesale kitchen items,Maintenance refers to a service work performed in the event of a problem with all equipment in the kitchen. It can be divided into home kitchen equipment maintenance and commercial kitchen equipment maintenance. These maintenance services are technically certain and most require professionals. In the following, I will explain the two types of kitchen equipment products, home and commercial. Home wholesale kitchen utensils Maintenance mainly includes gas equipment, induction cookers, range hoods, cabinets, exhaust pipes, pools, soya-bean milk makers, juicers, rice cookers and other equipment maintenance. For home use, gas equipment is mainly used for the maintenance of gas stoves. Most of them are gas stoves bought from the market, and there are many brands. These products are mainly used for the maintenance of stove cores. In the event of a problem, it is necessary to cut off the air supply first. If there are instructions, replace it according to the above instructions. Otherwise, the professional must be repaired. After induction cooker equipment problems, we must first cut off the power, call the professional after-sales personnel over the maintenance, not to open their own maintenance. The principle of overall maintenance is that in the case that they do not understand, they cannot be dismantled and tampered with, resulting in unnecessary losses. The equipment that has not passed the warranty period should not be disassembled, and should be promptly referred to after-sales personnel. The maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment is more complex, mainly because of the variety of products it involves, and there are many unfavorable conditions for maintenance. The products it involves include cooker stove series; workbenches, pools and other conditioning equipment series; mixers, slicers and other cooking machinery series; smoke stoves, oil smoke purifiers and other exhaust systems; freezers, disinfection cabinets, water heaters, etc. Refrigeration insulation series. Commercial wholesale kitchen tools As a general kitchen equipment project, the overall safety, coordination, aesthetics, and other factors must be taken into account during maintenance.

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