8th Annual Tavern Challenge  December 10, 2011        
Place Team Name Score City Prize Past Champions City Year
1st Syno's Spare-Me Lounge 2800 Fremont $400 Mel's Bar Scribner 2004
2nd Karl's Recession Proof Lounge 2677 Fremont $275 Syno's Spare-Me-Lounge Fremont 2005
3rd Whis' End Zone Lounge-#1 2673 Fremont $150 Bottom Road #1 Morse Bluf 2006
4th Whis' End Zone Lounge-#2 2671 Fremont $100 Tin Lizzy's #2 Fremont 2007
5th Dodger Bowl 2640 North Bend   Wisner Lanes Wisner 2008
6th The Fire Barn 2637 Waterloo   Outer Limits Valley 2009
7th Out Post 2635 Fremont   Outer Limits Valley 2010
8th Parking Lot Lounge 2623 Fremont   Syno's Spare-Me-Lounge Fremont 2011
9th Vintage Lounge 2604 Fremont        
10th Outer Limits 2576 Valley        
11th 30 Pak #1 2564 Fremont        
12th LA Fire Proof Door Co. 2542 Fremont        
13th Tin Lizzy's 2506 Fremont        
14th Silver Dollar 2506 Fremont        
15th 30 Pak #2 2482 Fremont        
16th Uncle Larry's 2394 Fremont        

Out 2011 Tavern Challenge Winners:

Chris Janssen, Michele Synovec, Scott Brown and Terry Synovec 

Syno's Spare Me Lounge


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